Child Custody & Visitation

The best interests of sons and daughters come first in all areas of divorce. In custody and visitation agreements, we combine that emphasis with a focus on the rights of our clients. W. Tyler Moore is a skilled and seasoned Houston-based trial lawyer who does not shy away from the courtroom. He sees value in negotiation, both in terms of money and control.

A Houston And Surrounding Areas Visitation Attorney Fighting For The Rights Of Clients And Their Children

In Texas, courts have a standard possession order (SPO) that is presumed to be appropriate for children over the age of 3. Negotiating a child custody and visitation schedule presents challenges, particularly in a state the size of Texas. Geographical restrictions may involve the child living in a certain county or counties surrounding that location. However, the distance in miles from the south end of one to the north end of another is often excessive.

Attending to every detail in a divorce is paramount. At W. Tyler Moore, PC, our founder employs all resources toward securing the best outcome for you and your children. Relationships must continue beyond a divorce and any disruptions should be minimal. The well-being and peace of mind of your children are at stake, especially when disputes involving interstate custody and foreign custody under the Hague Convention arise.

Mediation allows you to take control of both the decision-making process and the legal fees involved in a divorce action. Trials take time and money. Negotiations give you the power to make mutually beneficial decisions for you, your ex and your children.

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