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How can I collect alimony?

If your marriage is failing and you suspect that a divorce may be on the horizon, you may want to start preparing yourself now. There are many issues that will need to get resolved, including but not limited to property division, child custody and visitations, child support and possibly alimony or spousal support. So, what is alimony and why is it important.

It is not uncommon that during the course of a marriage, one spouse stays to home to care for the house, take care of chores and errands and, if there are children from the marriage, care for them. They often do this at the expense of their career. We all know that taking care of a home and children is a full time job.

Why "sole custody" doesn't exist in Texas

When couples with children divorce or separate it is natural for parents to ask the question, "Who gets the kids?" or to say "I want to make sure I have sole custody." But in Texas "sole custody" isn't something that happens very often.

While it does technically exist, and is officially referred to as sole managing conservatorship, judges only assign it in extreme circumstances when there is a history of extreme violence, damaging drug abuse, or when a parent has relinquished their right to be involved in their child's life.

Is my ex interfering with custody?

Raising a child with an ex can be a constant challenge. The two of you can fight about everything from late pick-ups to how you should discipline the child. In most cases, these arguments are frustrating, but they either work themselves out or you and your ex find some way to deal with the disagreement.

However, if your ex is doing something that actually interferes with your parental rights or custody, then legal action may be necessary. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell the difference between what is and is not custodial interference. Below, we take a look at some examples of each.

How a prenuptial agreement can help you

An engagement is a time of joy. You and your loved one have decided to marry, to promise to spend the rest of your life together. You share this happiness with your family and friends, and start to plan your wedding.

Something that you do not want to think about is the chance that your marriage will end. Unfortunately, in the United States, including the Houston, Texas, area, about half of all marriages end in divorce. Many divorces get ugly. There are countless things to discuss and consider such as property division, which can have a serious impact on your future. Many Americans have begun to take a proactive approach to the chance that a marriage will end with a divorce and create a prenuptial agreement, often called a prenup.

Divorce in a community property state

Texas is a community property state. This fact has very little bearing on most aspects of someone's life. For someone who is considering divorce, however, the fact that Texas is a community property state is very important. Below we will discuss the impact of Texas' community property laws on divorce.

Don't let a real estate dispute drag on

Real estate is some of the most valuable assets that people in Houston own. Real estate often costs significant amounts of money to purchase and to maintain. People take their real estate very seriously. However, real estate, like many areas of life, is subject to disputes from time to time. Whether this dispute is between a property owner and a tenant, two neighbors or a property owner and a governmental agency, property owners have legal rights.

What is a prenuptial agreement?

When Texas residents decide to get married they often don't think about what will happen if they divorce. However, with as many as 50 percent of all marriages ending in divorce, it is important for Texas residents to understand that a divorce is a serious possibility. Even engaged couples need to understand what could happen to their assets should a marriage be unsuccessful.

Real estate basics to understand during a divorce

Divorce can be an emotional and difficult time for individuals in Texas. People may have a very difficult time as they move forward from their shared life. However, people need to understand that a divorce is not simply a break up. But it is also the division of financial assets between the couple. Decisions made during the divorce can have a serious effect on a person's future financial health.

What types of common title issue can arise?

When people in Houston purchase property, they want to know that the property is completely theirs. The only way to ensure the property belongs only to them is to receive clear title on the property. However, properties in Houston can suffer from a variety of title issues that bring the person's ownership into question. When a property has title issues, real estate disputes can arise. If more than one party lays claim to a property, disputes over who really owns the property and how the property can be used might occur.

Resolving real estate disputes with realtors

Real estate transactions are a complicated and lengthy process. Often there are many moving parts and many individuals involved in a real estate transaction. When problems arise, it can be difficult to know how to respond to the issue. It can also be difficult to determine who was responsible for causing the problem in the first place.

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