Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation encompasses business, contractual, property, fraud, and sales disputes. Basically any type dispute that may require legal action other than a criminal prosecution.

Business disputes involving contract rights, property titles, misrepresentation, fraud, and collection actions are complex and require the help of an experienced lawyer. Before considering representation, business owners will often do a "cost-benefit" analysis of pursuing legal action versus dropping the matter entirely. Many entrepreneurs assume that their case will end up in court. Although filing suit may be necessary to "get the attention" of the other side, litigation may settle during its course.

Occasionally will contests arise when there exists an issue, after death, as to the competency of the person who executed a will offered for probate. This is a litigation issue requiring knowledge of courtroom procedure and evidence.

The common denominator for litigation is familiarity with the process of litigation which extends to procedure for the conduct of a suit and the introduction and exclusion of evidentiary matters.

At W. Tyler Moore, PC, our founding attorney focuses on the following areas of business and commercial litigation:

  • Contract-related disputes
  • Property disputes including boundaries, titles, and premises liability
  • Collection issues
  • Business torts, such as misrepresentation and fraud or interference with business relationships

Willing To Discuss Settlement, But Ready For Trial

Our attorney possesses skills in courtroom litigation and prepares all cases for possible trial. However, he has also witnessed the financial costs of lawsuits in court that can last months or years. Ongoing legal fees end up negating any benefit from a trial, even if the ruling is in your favor.

Trials are last resorts when all other potential resolutions have been exhausted. Trials take time that many of our clients do not have. They need faster resolutions.

Negotiating a business dispute or tort puts you in control of the outcome. At a trial, a judge or jury hands down a verdict. Regardless of how well you think you may have done in the proceedings, a loss is always a possibility, even with the most experienced and successful litigator at your side. Even if a ruling is in your favor, legal costs and the prospect of the defendant filing bankruptcy negate any financial benefit.

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