Don't Try to Navigate the Legal System Alone

3 Tips for Getting Through Your Divorce in One Piece

No one weds someone believing it will end in divorce. However, the truth is, the divorce rate is not decreasing too much, and if it is, the lower numbers point more to couples not exchanging vows.

When you find yourself going through a divorce, the stress can seem unbearable. Take a look at these three tips to help, and speak to your attorney for additional guidance and support.

1. Go to counseling

You may not realize how devastating divorce is. It ranks second only to grieving the death of a loved one in the scheme of difficulty getting over. Many publications suggest it may take up to five years to fully move on past the process. Of course, the circumstances of every divorce vary greatly. Some couples can separate on cordial terms and move on quickly, while others may have to slog through grief, depression and anger before finally getting through it. Find a counselor you can talk to and get help early on to stop you from making poor decisions throughout.

2. Keep communication to a minimum

You will have to learn to communicate with your ex at some point, but throughout the divorce, you may want to keep it to the bare minimum. Because oral contact has a better chance of escalating to a fight, consider exchanging emails to minimize the chances of conflict or doing all your talking through your attorneys.

3. Stay away from a social media divorce

It is common these days to air your business to everyone on your friends list online. However, doing so through the divorce process may wind up costing you dearly. Trash-talking your ex or posting pictures of all the activities you now partake in post-split may turn up in the discovery process. Anything you post online is presentable in a court, and a judge may frown on some of the things you have done or said.

Keeping your wits about you during such a stressful process may seem impossible, but it can happen. Follow all or some of these steps to get you well on your way to living your best life yet.