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Are There Restrictions to Building a Swimming Pool in Houston?

Often, residents in Houston, Texas understand the importance of properly following building codes when making improvements to their property. Construction laws within the city are complex and individuals - from property owners to investors and developers - need to understand how these codes affect potential projects. One project that many individuals in Texas may be considering is the construction of a swimming pool.

Whether constructing a swimming pool for commercial purposes or on a residential property, there are building codes that must be followed as a construction project proceeds. According to Houston ordinances, a swimming pool is any basin or container of water that exceeds 18 inches in depth. This pool can be located under the ground, indoors or at ground level.

Considerations that must be kept in mind prior to the construction of a pool will include whether or not the pool will be located in a floodplain, whether or not an easement or deed restriction will affect the construction, whether a homeowners' association allows for the construction of such a structure and whether the pool will be in the conveyance zone.

Houston ordinances also require that specific fencing be placed around the pool. The fencing rules must be adhered to for any structure that fits the definition of a pool. Property owners who are considering a pool should be sure that they are working with the contractor that understands these rules and other important aspects to a construction transaction.

Construction transactions are complicated legal undertakings. Individuals and contractors should understand the terms of a potential contract prior to beginning the project. When these considerations are made disputes can be avoided and projects can be successfully completed.

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