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Be Honest with Your Child Custody Lawyer

Be honest with your child custody lawyer. Lawyers need to know all the relevant facts in their cases. Of course, your lawyer needs to know the good points of your case. Most importantly, your lawyer needs to know the bad points, warts and all, as early as possible. You can count on the "bad" facts being brought out in court whether or not you want them to. Your lawyer needs to know what they are in order to deal with them as positively as possible. Don't be embarrassed to tell your lawyer what he/she needs to know that may be used against you in your child custody case.

Be candid. Be open. Be truthful. A well informed lawyer is a well armed lawyer once the case gets to the battlefield of mediation or court. Everyone has warts or something they wish not to remember or relive; something they are embarrassed about. Everyone has "bad" facts. Tell your lawyer to enable the lawyer to cast it in the best light possible. Talk to W. Tyler Moore at, Board Certified Family Law Attorney at 5005 Woodway, Suite 201, Houston, TX

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