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Developing a Healthy Plan for Long-Distance Parenting

After your Texas divorce, it may have taken you a while to get used to a new routine with your child. However, new changes are in the works, and you will soon be moving to a new town. At W. Tyler Moore, PC, we help parents modify possession and access schedules that allow them to maintain a strong parent-child bond.

Your relationship with the other parent is more important now than ever. Many factors, such as when you visit your child, will be determined by the possession and access schedule, but others may be less formal. Our Family Wizard points out that all long-distance parenting matters will depend on cooperation and communication with the other parent.

The distance will keep you from attending parent-teacher conferences and other important events. Consider asking the other parent to allow you to attend via video chat or conference call. The other parent should also send you updates and emails regarding school events and social and extracurricular activities. Even though you cannot attend the soccer game, if you know what is going on in your child's life, you can call the next day and ask for details.

The official schedule probably includes a weekly "visit" with your child via video chat or phone call that the other parent must respect. However, depending on the age of your child, you may be able to communicate more frequently in other ways, such as through text and social media. Your child should not have to share these messages with the other parent. However, he or she should not feel the need to hide the fact that you are communicating, so it is a good idea to keep the other parent in the loop.

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