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Disabilities and Child Custody Disputes

There are all sorts of different factors that can affect how child custody is awarded. Sometimes, these factors are completely out of a parent’s control. Unlike drug addiction and financial irresponsibility, some people are disabled, and this could have an impact on their ability to secure custody. Even though those who are disabled are protected from discrimination in many areas, it is important to realize that a parent’s physical and mental well-being can affect their ability to have custody of their child. Therefore, if you are physically or mentally disabled and you are preparing for a custody dispute, you should take this into consideration beforehand.

It is always helpful to be prepared, especially when it comes to child custody. You should be ready to prove that you are fully capable of providing your child (or your kids) with the care that they need. Moreover, you should be ready for any potential hurdles that could arise, such as a former spouse attempting to show that you are not able to take care of your kids. Also, you should not give up or feel defeated and hopeless, especially since many parents who have disabilities have had no problem securing custody of their children.

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to child custody and our law office is no stranger to the hardships that parents have to work through. If you are feeling unsure about your circumstances or your ability to find a favorable outcome in a dispute over child custody, it would be helpful to review more information on this topic.

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