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Don't Buy Into the Child Support Threat

Don't buy into the child support threat. I spoke to a young mother today who had a three year old child whose father was not paying child support. She said he wasn't paying child support and I asked why. She told me that he threatened to file for custody and take the child away from her if she "tried to put child support" on him. This fellow had three other children by two other women. He did not have custody of any of the three.

I told her it was likely a bluff on his part to avoid his responsibility as a father by supporting his child. Guys like him need to "man up" and support his children as a father should. Children are entitled to receive child support from the non-primary parent. The only way to get child support is to use either the Office of the Attorney General and be one of many clients or use a private attorney and be one of a few clients. Talk to W Tyler Moore by emailing or phoning 713-929-2242, located at 5005 Woodway, Suite 201, Houston, TX 77056--just off the West Loop

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