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Don't Count on Attorneys' Fees as Damages when You File Suit Business Litigation

Don't count on attorneys' fees when you file suit. Attorneys' fees are allowed as part of a lawsuit by only specifically by statute or by contract. If not specifically allowed by contract, then a litigant needs to ask his/her attorney if they are allowed by statute. If not, you don't get your attorneys' fees.

Even if attorneys' fees are authorized by statute or contract, don't count on recouping everything you spend on attorneys' fees. If a judge is to award attorneys' fees, the amount is up to the judge's discretion. Even if awarded by a jury, the judge may second guess the jury on the attorneys' fees. Generally speaking, in a tort suit, attorneys' fees are not part of your damages. In a contract suit, attorneys' fees are part of your suit.

Litigation is not to be entered into lightly. It can be expensive, time-consuming and stressful. Talk to an experienced civil litigator to evaluate your claim

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