Don't Try to Navigate the Legal System Alone

Family Law- Help Your Lawyer Help You.

Family Law- help your lawyer help you. Like Jerry Maguire said, "help me help you". When your family law attorney asks you for help gathering documents or other information, be attentive to that request. For example, in a family law case, your lawyer may need documents for a temporary orders hearing. The lawyer will need your help in preparation of your Financial Information Statement which details what your monthly expenses are and the sources of your income. Only you know what it costs you to live each month and how much cash you have available for that purpose. When your lawyer asks you to compile this F.I.S., get it done promptly so you and your lawyer can discuss it together. In particular, be accurate in your estimations of your monthly expenses. You may well have to justify each and every one to a judge. So, getting it prepared quickly helps your lawyer help you.

When your lawyer asks for your pay stubs and your tax returns, get them to him promptly. With the tax returns in family law, furnish your lawyer all the schedules and attachments as well as the first couple of pages. These schedules to the returns are important and need to be reviewed by you and your lawyer.

Help your lawyer help you when it's time to prepare an inventory and appraisement of the marital estates, separate and community. Ask for help from your lawyer if this stumps you or you need help.

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