Don't Try to Navigate the Legal System Alone

Fathers Across the Country Are Fighting Back

Father's rights regarding child custody have become a hot topic across our nation. As such, many different groups and movements have popped up along the way, all with one purpose--to bring the family law court system to its knees and prevent suitable parents from being stripped of having a relationship with their child.

Groups such as The Father's Rights Movement have garnered nearly 500,000 likes on Facebook and inspired spin-off chapters across the country. Horror stories have surfaced in almost every state, alluding to everything from father's being falsely accused of abuse to custody decisions being "bought" from corrupt judges.

The Father's Rights Movement offers many different types of advice to deal with a custody situation, as well as recognizing patterns of alienation and abuse. One of the top pieces of advice offered, to stockpile cash, could not be said any better.

Defending false abuse allegations, especially those that are sexual in nature, is expensive. Any party accused of such is going to need an experienced family law attorney who knows the ropes and has defended these specific types of claims in the past. Father's should prepare for a long court battle to prove their innocence. While utilizing groups such as The Father's Rights Movement for support, individuals who are in the midst of these types of cases should never speak to anyone about the specifics unless first approved by an attorney.

Suitable fathers, just as much as suitable mothers, deserve a chance to make a positive difference in their own child's life. If that opportunity is stripped away for no good reason, it is the child who will suffer the most.

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