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Fathers’ Rights in The Digital Era

In recent years, technology has changed many aspects of life. This is especially true when it comes to personal relationships and the way in which information is shared with others. Moreover, there are a variety of issues that fathers may need to take into consideration if they are preparing for a divorce, in the middle of a difficult custody dispute or are struggling with post-divorce family law matters such as child support. Technology can be used to one’s advantage, but it can also be detrimental in different ways.

When it comes to fathers’ rights, there is an abundance of information available online. Those dealing with divorce matters may be able to find support through numerous online platforms and they may be able to inform themselves with regard to family law matters they are dealing with. On the other hand, some people may run into problems if they are not careful. For example, someone may share pictures or information on a social media site which could be used against them in their divorce, especially if they are going through a custody battle.

Courts consider many factors when making custody decisions, and a parent may hurt their chances of securing custody rights if they do not watch what they post online (even if they assume their activity is private). On the other hand, some people notice that their child’s other parent may be sharing inappropriate or questionable content, and they may want to bring this to the court’s attention if they are involved in a dispute over custody.

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