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Guiding You Through Your Child Custody Options

Divorce is by no means easy for the spouses that go through them. Even when a couple mutually agrees to end their marriage because it is in their best interests, the wishes and interests of the spouses are not always the focal point of dissolution. For divorcing parents in Texas, the process is based on the best interest of the children involved. This is not just regarding child custody and support but can also pour over into divorce issues such as property division and alimony. Nonetheless, the most imperative decision to address during divorce regarding children is custody.

Depending on the factors involved in the marriage and the needs of everyone post-divorce, a child custody decision could take various forms. While shared custody is the order most promoted in society today, this is not always the most suitable arrangement. At W. Tyler Moore, P.C., our experienced legal team understands the complexities that child custody issues can bring to the table. Thus, we are devoted to helping parents in the Houston area navigate these issues.

If you are seeking a joint custody arrangement, we can help you find a suitable parenting schedule. This means understanding what works best for both parents so the plan is followed and considering the needs of the child, impacting them in the least possible way. If co-parenting is possible, we can help facilitate that order by initiating the collaborative discussions about a parenting plan, how issues and information will be communicated, what drop-offs and pick-ups will look like and how disputes will be resolved.

To learn more, check out our law firm's website. Whether you seek to have a positive relationship post-divorce or just want to be civil with you ex, there is no correct custody arrangement. So long as the needs of the child are met, we can help you initiate, modify or enforce a custody order.

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