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High-Asset Divorce

Take Control Of Your Property During A High-Asset Divorce

What happens to your property after you separate from your spouse? Will you be able to bounce back or will the split stop you from accomplishing your goals and pursuing your dreams? The higher your net worth, the greater potential that your separation might wreak havoc on your way of life.

Fortunately, your Houston, Texas, divorce doesn't have to end in financial woe. At W. Tyler Moore, PC, we firmly believe in helping people through a difficult, high-asset divorce by leveraging our more than 40 years of experience and insight. As one of fewer than 50 in-state lawyers who are dual board-certified in civil law and family law, Tyler routinely helps high net worth Texans maintain their footing when their relationships threaten to knock them off balance.

What Happens In High-Asset Divorces?

Most people know that community property — assets that haven't been proven to be independently owned by either spouse — is split during divorce. What many married couples fail to anticipate, however, is that such divisions apply to more than just cash, cars and real property. High-asset divorces can impact such assets as:

  • Trusts, inheritances and estates

  • Stock options, shares, stakes and business holdings

  • Royalties and rights derived from natural resources

  • Intellectual property such as patents and trademarks

  • Insurance policies, retirement accounts, annuities and investments

These are just some of the types of assets whose dispensation may come into question during your divorce. The key takeaway to remember is that family law isn't always predictable, especially if you lack divorce expertise. Talking to an attorney at W. Tyler Moore, PC, may make it easier for you to stay informed about what's to come and help you assert your rights when it comes to your financial well-being.

Let Us Guide You Through The Particulars

Houston divorces demand level-headed reasoning, especially when they involve substantial holdings. If you're trying to obtain property, then it's important to keep your spouse honest — and when you're likely to hand assets over, you need to respect your disclosure obligations or risk penalties.

Working through your separation with a lawyer can ease the process dramatically. At W. Tyler Moore, PC, we've been providing mediation, representation and advocacy services that transform treacherous situations into family law success stories for over 40 years. Discover why people like you depend on us to help when it comes to asset protection in a high-asset divorce. Call 713-322-3950 now or email us today to find out how we can help you stabilize your future.