Don't Try to Navigate the Legal System Alone

Holiday Visitation Schedules

Holiday visitation schedules are a problem for many people. I get phone calls from people looking for a quick answer to their problems with child custody and visitation issues. Without looking at the actual possession order it's impossible to answer the questions. Although Texas has a "Standard Possession Order", it is often tailored to specific situations. The Standard Possession Order is like a "rack suit", i.e. a generalized outline which may be tailored to specific circumstances if need be. Asking a lawyer to opine on your possession of your children when the lawyer doesn't have the actual possession order before him is futile.

If you want to read your child custody and visitation order yourself, remember that provisions related to holidays always trump the weekend possessions. If in doubt about Christmas or Thanksgiving conflicting with a weekend possession, remember holidays trump. Holiday visitation generally begins and ends on the days specified in the order. Most imporatantly, remember that the parents have custody as they agree and, failing agreement, on the terms and dates specified in the possession order. Try to be agreeable. There will come a time during the children's lives when you will need a little flexibility from the other parent. If you are willing to be flexible, then it may come back to you. If not, then remember that in the future and be guided accordingly. You may teach a lesson.

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