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How Can I Be a Better Father to My Child?

If you’re a father in Houston, you’re likely concerned about providing the best care possible to your child. This can be difficult when divorce is an issue, especially when you don’t share custody with your ex. Despite the circumstances, being the best father possible will allow you to form a strong bond with your child, which can make all the difference. The National Fatherhood Initiative offers the following advice in this case.

Set a Good Example

Without even meaning to you set an example for your children. You inform their beliefs about self-worth and receiving respect from others and set the stage for future interactions with the opposite sex. Accordingly, try to live your life in a way that would make your children proud. This entails being responsible and treating people with the respect and kindness they deserve.

Treat Mom With Respect

While it may be difficult, it’s crucial that you treat your ex with respect when it comes to your children. Bad-mouthing mom can cause emotional turmoil in kids, as they may feel pressured to pick a side. Children may also internalize this negativity and believe they are responsible for the dissolution of your marriage. Being respectful will make things easier in terms of child-rearing, and if you do have a conflict try to keep your kids out of it.


Most importantly, listen to your kids. While you must guide them in their thoughts and actions, you also want them to feel free to express themselves. Not only will this make for a better relationship between you, you can also rest assured that your kids will feel comfortable bringing up difficult topics with you when they arise.