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How can I create a parenting schedule?

Co-parenting in Texas is no easy feat for divorced couples. While you naturally want what’s best for your kids, you and your ex may be at odds when it comes to things like scheduling or making decisions about healthcare and academics. To help your co-parenting efforts and reduce stress between you and your former spouse, Very Well Family offers the following insight.

Expect to make sacrifices

No parenting schedule is going to be perfect for all people involved. That’s why it’s best to go into the process expecting to make sacrifices. Chances are you’ll need to compromise with your ex in several areas, which can be frustrating for many people after a contentious split. However, when at odds remember to keep the focus on your kids, whose needs should come before your desire for convenience.

Make school the focal point

Getting your kids to and from school is bound to play a major role in your schedule. Try to look for other options, such as buses, which ease the transportation burden on both you and your ex. Also, keep extracurricular activities in mind when working on scheduling. You can also ask your children about their input, as getting them involved will make them feel more empowered about the process.

Don’t be afraid to change

Once you have a good schedule locked in, know that you’ll probably need to change it in the future. If you have young kids now their needs will evolve as they grow older. Anticipate these growing needs by revisiting your schedule every year or so, or at the onset of a major life change, like the transition to high school.

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