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How Can You Make Visitation Go More Smoothly?

For both children and parents, visitation is crucial to preserving a sense of connectedness both during and after divorce. However, for many Texas divorcees, it can take some time to get to the point where visitation is actually effective. In the immediate aftermath of divorce, visitation is a frequent source of conflict in which parents focus more on punishing each other than they do on the well-being of their children. If you and your spouse have recently parted ways, and if you want visitation to work, there are certain steps you can take to make visitation successful for everyone.

According to the Sixth Judicial Circuit Courts, parents need to work together to make visitation a positive experience for all parties. Though the path to a positive experience will vary for all families, the Courts provide general recommendations that may serve to help all families.

For instance, the Courts recommend that parents be as flexible with schedules as possible and to treat each other with respect. Part of treating each other with respect involves getting on board with routines, rules and discipline. For instance, if you feel that an 8:00 bedtime is appropriate and the other parent advocates for a 9:00 bedtime, you two should meet in the middle and agree to send your child to bed at 8:30. Likewise, if you do not allow cursing in your household, the other parent should respect that and enforce a no-cursing rule as well.

You and your former partner should do everything possible to ensure your child feels comfortable in each home. Your child should have his or her own private space, even if it is just part of a room. You and your former spouse should also take measures help your child meet other kids in the neighborhood so that he or she has friends at both homes.

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