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How Can You Prevent Divorce from Ruining Your Role as A Father?

Continuing in your role as a father when you are going through a divorce from your spouse in Texas can be troubling during the first little while. Especially if your children are struggling to understand what has happened to the relationship between their parents and have shown feelings of resentment or anger towards you. Fortunately, despite the difficulties you are currently facing, you have the power to continue to be a good father as you work through the new challenges in your life.

As soon as you recognize that your marriage is drawing to a close, be forthright with your children in letting them know that this familial change will not affect your love for them or your commitment to their wellbeing. Discuss your concerns openly, being careful not to bash your ex in front of your children. Take adequate time to listen to your children and help them work through their emotions as they come to terms with what has happened.

According to, some other valuable suggestions to consider in effectively continuing to be a good father include the following:

  • Be flexible and civil in making a joint custody arrangement work. Be prompt and dependable in upholding your end of the agreement.

  • If you are unable to live close to your children, be committed to maintaining regular contact with them and visit as often as your schedule will allow.

  • When you are required to pay child support, be timely about making your payments.

  • Realize that the time you spend with your children is critical to maintaining your relationship with them. Make the time you have worthwhile, but avoid the temptation to go overboard in spending lots of money buying gifts.

The information in this article is intended for educational purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice.

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