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How to Co-Parent with A Former Spouse

Once your divorce has been finalized you may believe that the hard part is over. However, for divorced parents in Houston co-parenting is often far more challenging. Knowing how to work with your ex in a calm manner will help create a healthy environment for your children while also reducing stress related to child-rearing decisions.

Communicate effectively

According to, good communication can clear up a lot of issues between exes. Emotions should be kept separate to ensure you’re able to speak to your ex in a respectful manner. You can also try framing the things you want as requests instead of demands, which may improve your ability to compromise. When having a discussion be sure to really listen to what your ex-partner has to say to better understand his or her point-of-view.

Assume a team mentality

Also, look at you and your ex as a team when it comes raising your child. All actions should be focused on providing your kids the best life possible, both materially and emotionally. In this case, you should come to a consensus on rules (although there should be a bit of flexibility from parent to parent). If you have a disagreement, discuss the issue respectfully while also keeping your children at the center of all discussions.

Control your temper recommends keeping control of your temper at all times to prevent blow ups from occurring. If an issue occurs that makes you mad, give yourself some time before responding. Your anger may be superficial and after thinking the issue over you could find that it’s not as bad as your initial reaction. If there is a genuine cause for concern, taking a moment to respond will allow you to take a reasonable approach, which increases the chances of successful outcome.