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How Your Child's Situation Plays Into the Custody Arrangement

Arranging a child custody agreement may quite possibly be the most challenging part of finalizing your divorce in Texas. Often, you may find that you are at odds when it comes to agreeing with your ex about who should assume the primary care of the children you share together. At W. Tyler Moore, PC, we understand the challenges that divorcees face in planning their future.

When the courts get involved in negotiating your child custody agreement, you can anticipate several important factors to be weighed and compared in making a final decision that will work to the best benefit of all of the parties involved. Of everyone the agreement will affect, your children and their needs will take precedence in deciding specific factors of the agreement including where they will live, which parent will assume sole custody, how holidays will be spent and how much child support will be required of each you and your ex.

According to, the courts will also look at the ages of your children and analyze how well they think each child will adjust to the changes in your relationship. Other factors that will be considered include the following:

  • Which conditions your child will be the safest in.

  • The current circumstances and challenges that you and your ex are facing individually.

  • How many children you and your spouse have had together.

By carefully assessing your children's needs and the situation in which they have come from and are currently experiencing, a custodial agreement can be reached that will provide them with the most support and stability. For more information about child custody, visit our web page.

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