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Interference with Parenting

Fighting For Parents Whose Exes Disobey Child Custody And Visitation Orders

A family law court has handed down a decision in your family law dispute, but not everybody is following the rules. What you thought would serve as a resolution is becoming increasingly complicated as your ex or parenting partner fails to live up to his or her legal obligations regarding child custody or visitation. What can you do?

Family law isn't perfect, and neither are the solutions offered by Texas courts. At W. Tyler Moore, PC, our family law attorney has been helping people the Houston court system has overlooked for over 40 years. We love coming up with smart solutions to complex legal issues. We cut through the confusion by combining real-world legal experience with straight-talking transparency that makes complex matters easier to understand.

Understanding Interference With Parenting

Being a parent doesn't give someone carte blanche to do as he or she pleases. Unfortunately, not all parents have gotten the message, so they try to take matters into their own hands in violation of their exes' rights. Such interference may include parents:

  • Enticing children to reject the other parent's custody

  • Intentionally failing to bring children to custody handoffs or visitations as scheduled

  • Moving or taking their kids to other countries or states without asking the other parent

Parental interference represents more than just a mere inconvenience. It can throw your routine into disarray and make it harder for children to adjust to their new lives, poison them against you or even place them in harm's way. At W. Tyler Moore, PC, we offer tenacious representation options that are designed to help you keep your family as intact as possible. The law may have left your ex with room to wiggle, but we will work diligently to keep him or her from jeopardizing your relationship with your children.

You Deserve Your Parenting Time

For all of its potential oversights, Texas family law does make it possible for wronged parents to fight back. Since certain types of custody interference are felony offenses, you may be able to bring the weight of the law to bear by filing a formal complaint against the offending party.

You've survived your separation or divorce, and you were well on your way toward a better life with your kids. You shouldn't have to backtrack now just because your ex isn't ready or mature enough to do what's best for your children. Contact a board-certified lawyer at W. Tyler Moore, PC, today by calling our Houston office at 713-322-3950 or sending us an email. Discover how we can help resolve your case in a way that lets your family move forward amicably.