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New Study Confirms Shared Physical Custody Is Best

You may be steeling yourself as you prepare for custody negotiations in Texas, sure that, because you are a father, you will come out of the discussion with much less time with your child than you want. At W. Tyler Moore, PC, we encourage fathers to stand up for their rights to a fair co-parenting schedule; we understand that a healthy father/child relationship is in the best interests of the child, a fact that judges typically respect.

The best interests of the child is a standard that judges use, and it incorporates a number of factors. Emotional needs are among these, and according to Science Daily, the co-parenting schedule can have a direct effect on your child's stress levels and emotional health.

In a study by Stockholm University, researchers examined the stress levels of children whose parents share custody, and children who live full time with one parent. Studies in decades past have indicated that having two homes and going back and forth between them caused children undue amounts of stress. However, this new study proves that those speculative conclusions are just not true. In fact, even if there is a high level of conflict between you and the other parent, or between you and your child, your child is still better off living with both you and your former spouse.

Scientists offer a number of possible explanations for this outcome:

  • Shared physical custody prevents your child from losing touch with relatives and friends on either side of the family

  • Shared physical custody allows you to have a stronger emotional bond with your child

  • Shared physical custody allows you and the other parent to practice more active parenting

If you and your child were not able to see each other often, this could also contribute to the level of stress your child would experience due to the loss of the comfortable relationship the two of you once had, and the awkwardness of the new situation. More information about the benefits of shared physical custody is available on our webpage.

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