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Protect Your Interest in A Family Business in A Divorce

Protect your interest in a family business in a divorce. If it is a partnership, a corporation, llc, or proprietorship, get professional advice. You need a lawyer to help you value the business and get your fair share of it when the marriage ends. One of the worst positions to be in is to be in business with your exspouse. Very few couples can make that situation work. Remember, human nature being what it is, if a couple is divorcing, they are not going to look out for each other's best interest. The fiduciary relationship that exists between husband and wife ends when the divorce is granted. Don't count on your ex to "be fair" in the future. Protect yourself by hiring an experienced divorce attorney. Talk to W. Tyler Moore at, 713-322-3950, 5005 Woodway, Suite 201, Houston, TX 77056--just off the West Loop.

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