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Temporary Orders in Family Law Cases in Harris County

Temporary Orders in Family Law Cases in Harris County are a large part of a court's family law docket. Once a divorce is filed, questions arise: who will live in the house, who will pay what bills, will one spouse receive temporary spousal support from the other, where will the children live, what rights will the parents have regarding the children while the divorce is pending, how much child support will be paid, what visitation will the parents have. These are examples of what a family law court will have to decide once a divorce case is filed.

Because of the volume of family law cases in Harris County, there is no possible way for every case to have a full hearing on temporary orders. This is why the family law courts require mediation as mentioned in an earlier blog. If the parties can agree without a mediation, their agreements are placed into agreed temporary orders. If they cannot agree at mediation, then they will eventually get before the family law judge for a hearing on temporary orders.

A temporary orders hearing in Harris County is an abbreviated mini-trial. It is important to have an experienced family law attorney like W. Tyler Moore who has over 40 years experience to present the key facts within the truncated time allotted by the court. Call 713-322-3950 for an appointment or email

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