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Texas Lawyer's Creed in Divorce Cases

The Texas Lawyer's Creed is a code of conduct for all Texas Lawyers. It governs their conduct towards their clients, their opposing counsel, and the court. It requires civility and professionalism in all dealings but does not obstruct furtherance of clients' goals in litigation.

Quite often, clients in divorce or child custody cases harbor hard feelings and animosity to the other party. The animosity and hard feelings a client feels toward the other party should not affect the lawyer's conduct towards opposing counsel and the court. The Texas Lawyer's Creed encourages objective professionalism by the lawyers involved allowing them to objectively and civilly represent their clients.

When you hire a lawyer, you should receive a written contract employing the lawyer and a copy of the Texas Lawyer's Creed. Read both. The Texas Lawyer's Creed is a reminder to lawyers that "Rambo" litigation or obstreperous conduct is not tolerated in Texas. Visit the website, W. Tyler Moore in Houston, TX--just off the West Loop

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