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Thoughts About Divorce by a Divorce Lawyer

Thoughts about divorce by a divorce lawyer: A divorce is nothing to enter into lightly or on a whim. Threatening a spouse with it is like threatening thermonuclear war between nations. Divorce should be a last resort when there is no hope for the marriage, when one spouse cannot continue in the relationship and remain mentally or physically healthy, when counseling would be a waste of time, when the relationship is toxic to the spouses and to the children, or when the other spouse refuses to try to save the marriage.

Pain and Divorce feed on each other. A divorce is worse than a death in the family. When there is death, you grieve, you bury the deceased, and you somehow manage to carry on. When there is a divorce, there is anger, resentment, and pain which will continue indefinitely unless you seek counseling. The legal process sometimes continues longer than dying. It's painful every day. I firmly believe that once a divorce becomes inevitable, a person should make two phone calls: to an experienced family law attorney l for help with the legal issues and the second to a licensed counselor for help dealing with the various emotions throughout the legal process. There are many qualified family law attorneys, such as W. Tyler Moore, in the Houston area. Visit to learn more about the process.

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