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Top 10 Mistakes Divorcing Fathers Make

Top 10 Mistakes Made By Divorcing Fathers In Texas

Divorce can be painful, but mistakes made by fathers during the divorce process can cause lifelong pain. These mistakes may drain your pocketbook or have long-lasting implications that hurt your relationship with your kids.

At W. Tyler Moore, PC, we have over 40 years' experience helping fathers navigate the pitfalls of divorce. We've seen far too many fathers make mistakes before hiring us to represent their interests in divorce or custody matters — mistakes that can sometimes be undone.

While fathers don't make all of these 10 mistakes, most make at least one. Boost your chances of a favorable custody decision by knowing (and avoiding) theses top mistakes divorcing fathers make:

1. Refusing To Go To Counseling

Counseling is strategic: It shows you tried to work things out. So don't fight it — just go.

2. Moving Out Before It's Court-Ordered

While you want to create distance from your spouse, if you move out of the marital home before you've been ordered to do so, it could give the judge the impression you think the kids are better off with mom. Stay put until you're ordered out, for the kids' sake.

3. Badmouthing Your Ex

Griping about her behavior harms your kids by putting them in the middle — and it's going to get back to mom, then wind up in court. She may be badmouthing you, but the best thing to do is keep quiet and remain diplomatic.

4. Arguing Over Possessions

At the end of the day, it's just stuff. Cut the fighting before things get toxic.

5. Getting In Arguments That Result In Police Involvement

This will cost you in court. Walk away from a fight and let your lawyer handle it rather than getting aggressive and having someone end up calling the cops.

6. Failing To Control Your Anger

Hit the gym, see a therapist, attend anger management workshops. You can't be emotionally present with your kids if you're visibly upset.

7. Pitting The Kids Against Their Mother

You're going to co-parent until they're 18, so quit the blame game.

8. Not Understanding That The Court Will Hear About Your Behavior

Your behavior — and your dirty laundry — will be aired in front of the judge by your soon-to-be ex. Before you react, ask yourself: Is this worth it?

9. Taking Bad Advice

Are you listening to your pals or your divorce attorney? Every divorce is different, and what may have happened to one buddy isn't necessarily applicable to your situation. Remember, your lawyer knows best.

10. Agreeing To Unfavorable Terms Just To End The Divorce

Divorce is draining, but it's much harder to modify an unfavorable agreement than it is to hold out for a fair custody agreement. Stay the course and negotiate for your rights.

A compassionate family law attorney can help you avoid mistakes or mitigate damage if mistakes were made. If you're looking for a Houston, Texas, area family law attorney who is board certified in family law, contact W. Tyler Moore, PC, today by calling 713-322-3950 or by sending an email.