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What Should I Know About Child Support as A Father?

If you’re the non-custodial parent in Houston, you may have concerns about paying child support. Having the right information is crucial in this case, both to avoid being penalized as well as to take the proper steps if you feel your parental rights aren’t being respected. Fatherly offers the following tips to help dads stay on the right track when it comes to child support and other issues.

Make payments on time

If you’re having money problems, make sure your ex and the court know right away. Not making payments or making them late is not a solution, as you’ll still be obligated to keep up with payments as ordered. You can have support orders modified if you’re able to show evidence of financial hardship. While your ex may be understanding, make sure all agreements have legal backing. If you don’t notify the court your ex could later say you didn’t make payments, which will lead to wage garnishment and possibly even jail.

Keep accurate records

Accurately track every penny you send, as well as money spent on other child-rearing costs. Never provide payments using cash, as this is impossible to track. If there ever comes a time to modify an arrangement, or if your ex claims you haven’t been making payments, these documents are extremely valuable. Your attorney can also offer advice on proper record keeping.

Accept that you have little control

While you might find fault with the way child support money is spent, realize you have little control over the matter. It’s legal for the custodial parent to spend the money on bills or other expenses not directly related to your child. If you have serious concerns, be sure to address them with the court with the proper evidence. Otherwise, you may need to continue making payments and bite your tongue.

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