Don't Try to Navigate the Legal System Alone

Why Do You Need a Family Law Attorney?

Why do you need a family law attorney? After all, there are forms available on line and all you need do is fill in the blanks. A problem with forms is they often need to be tailored to fit the circumstances. Another problem with forms is the forms often do not apply. I saw an instance where a person asked which forms should she take to court in 60 days when she was going to have a hearing on child custody. When you have a contested hearing, you should take a lawyer with you. There are appropriate forms such as a financial information sheet, a proposed parenting plan, and an exhibit list which may be necessary to help the judge. But, you need a lawyer to present your case.

I saw another instance where a person asked when and how to talk to the judge in chambers about his child custody situation. A judge will not speak to a litigant in his or her office about a case pending in his court. It's prohibited. Again, a lawyer is necessary to present a litigant's case. Lawyers know the procedural rules, the evidentiary rules and the applicable law. They have the training to do the work.

Be wary of relying on forms. If you have no children and no property, perhaps you don't need a lawyer. But be careful. It's your future and you need someone to protect you. Why do you need a family law attorney? Because it's the smart thing to do. Look for a board certified family law attorney.

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