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With a family law practice that spans the entire state of Texas, W. Tyler Moore knows firsthand that all but a select few county courts require mediation as part of a divorce. The chance to settle things quickly helps you to move on from an emotionally traumatic time. The opportunity to hasten the process can also save money in legal fees.

Divorce And Property Division Lawyer In Houston And Surrounding Areas

Whether a courtroom or mediation table is used to resolve issues between divorcing spouses, the best interests of children come first. Negotiation as opposed to litigation shields sons and daughters of divorce from the issues between their parents. Successful mediation not only brings peace of mind for all parties involved, but it can also put control in your hands.

Achieving Positive Results In Difficult Divorce Cases

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Specific Areas of Our Family Law Practice Include

  • Divorce, including high net worth divorce

  • Divorce for business owners

  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

  • Separate property claims

  • Complex property division

  • Child custody, including interstate custody disputes and foreign custody disputes under the Hague Convention

  • Child support

  • Military divorce

  • Paternity

  • Fathers' rights

  • Modification of child custody

  • Tort claims involving fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and assault

  • Multistate litigation

  • Adoption

The judge who could be tasked with overseeing your divorce proceeding and providing a ruling is likely not someone you know. He is a neutral decision-maker who has your future in his or her hands. Judges do not have to live with the fallout of their rulings. Families must live with decisions made for them, not by them.

Complex, high-asset divorce cases often involve dividing property that includes a family-owned business. For many couples, they are divorcing both a spouse and a business partner. Valuation of that business requires all parties to be pragmatic and realistic. A key advantage in retaining attorney W. Tyler Moore is his business and commercial litigation background, providing him insight into the accurate valuation of a business subject to asset division.

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