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Military Divorce

Texas has special rules for military divorces, including laws that affect child custody and visitation. If you're facing a divorce — and you or your spouse is an active service member — it's critical to work with an attorney who has considerable experience representing service members.

At W. Tyler Moore, PC, our family law attorney has over 40 years' experience representing couples undergoing military divorces. Attorney Moore is one of only 47 Texas attorneys who is dual board-certified in both civil trial law and family law matters in Texas. We can help you prepare for trial, negotiate with the other side and decide when to settle and when to keep fighting. With a military divorce, it's critical to have an experienced law firm representing your interests, whether you're the service member or the spouse.

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Considerations For Texas Military Divorce

Military couples face different rules from other divorcing couples, and not all family law attorneys have worked with service members or understand the nuances of a military divorce. A few areas of difference include issues involving:

  • Military retirement funds, which have a 10-year marital threshold for direct payment

  • Child support, which cannot exceed 60 percent of a soldier's pay

  • Custody and visitation, which have special allowances for deployed soldiers

With deployment, service members may designate a third party who can exercise their custody and visitation rights when they are away. It may bring peace of mind to know your child is receiving care and love from someone you trust when you are unable to be there.

With property issues, the court uses a formula to determine how much of a military retirement fund a spouse is allowed to receive. The military will mail a separate check to a former spouse only if the marriage lasted 10 or more years. Other privileges, such as commissary and military health care, are extended only when couples were married for 20 or more years.

You Deserve Guidance From An Experienced Military Divorce Lawyer

Whether you're the service member or the spouse, it's important to have an attorney who understands the special rules that apply to military divorce cases — rules concerning the division of property, child custody and visitation.

At W. Tyler Moore, PC, we can educate you on the complexities of military divorce, answer any questions you have and help you explore your rights during this difficult time. Our attorney has a track record of obtaining positive outcomes for parties on both sides of military divorce cases. Email us today or call our office in Houston at 713-322-3950 for help.