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Protect your interest in a family business in a divorce

Protect your interest in a family business in a divorce.  If it is a partnership, a corporation, llc, or proprietorship, get professional advice. You need a lawyer to help you value the business and get your fair share of it when the marriage ends.  One of the worst positions to be in is to be in business with your exspouse.  Very few couples can make that situation work.   Remember, human nature being what it is, if a couple is divorcing, they are not going to look out for each other's best interest.  The fiduciary relationship that exists between husband and wife ends when the divorce is granted.  Don't count on your ex to "be fair" in the future. Protect yourself by hiring an experienced divorce attorney. Talk to W. Tyler Moore at [email protected], 713-929-2242, 5005 Woodway, Suite 201, Houston, TX 77056--just off the West Loop.

Don't buy into the child support threat

Don't buy into the child support threat. I spoke to a young mother today who had a three year old child whose father was not paying child support. She said he wasn't paying child support and I asked why.  She told me that he threatened to file for custody and take the child away from her if she "tried to put child support" on him.  This fellow had three other children by two other women.  He did not have custody of any of the three.

Be honest with your child custody lawyer

Be honest with your child custody lawyer.  Lawyers need to know all the relevant facts in their cases.  Of course, your lawyer needs to know the good points of your case. Most importantly, your lawyer needs to know the bad points, warts and all, as early as possible.  You can count on the "bad" facts being brought out in court whether or not you want them to.  Your lawyer needs to know what they are in order to deal with them as positively as possible.   Don't be embarrassed to tell your lawyer what he/she needs to know that may be used against you in your child custody case.

Texas Lawyer's Creed in Divorce cases

The Texas Lawyer's Creed is a code of conduct for all Texas Lawyers. It governs their conduct towards their clients, their opposing counsel, and the court.  It requires civility and professionalism in all dealings but does not obstruct furtherance of clients' goals in litigation.

child custody- use it or lose it

Child custody - use it or lose it.  Texas has a Standard Possession Order for children three years of age or older. That Standard Possession Order (or SPO) grants frequent and regular possession of minor children to the parent who is not the primary custodian.

In Divorce can a spouse throw the other out of a house

Can a spouse throw the other out of a house in an argument ?  Short answer is "no", even in a divorce situation. One spouse may seek to exclude the other spouse from the house only by court order.

Don't count on Attorneys' fees as damages when you file suit business litigation

Don't count on attorneys' fees when you file suit. Attorneys' fees are allowed as part of a lawsuit by only specifically by statute or by contract.  If not specifically allowed by contract, then a litigant needs to ask his/her attorney if they are allowed by statute.  If not, you don't get your attorneys' fees.

Unreimbursed med expenses as child support in child support cases

Unreimbursed medical expenses in child custody cases are considered child support and are generally owed under a child support order.  If a child's parent owes you for unreimbursed medical expenses incurred in behalf of the child, don't wait too long to pursue the collection either by enforcement by contempt or reduce the unreimbursed med expense to judgment and get a court order for payment.

update on Harris County Courts

The full division of Family Trial Courts are open and operational today, including uncontested dockets, ancillary dockets and already scheduled trial dockets.  Call the court in which your case is set to determine start time.

Child custody evaluations

Child custody evaluations by trained psychologists are a consideration in child custody suits if you have the time and money to spend on them.  It takes an experienced child custody lawyer to know if such an evaluation might be appropriate in a particular case. Clients' personalities and "warts" may indicate an evaluation is definitely not the way to go.  Talk to W Tyler Moore at 713-929-2242 to set up an appointment to discuss your custody situation.

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