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"Five years ago, my ex-wife started planning our divorce. She hired the best law firm in Bryan/College Station and started working with trust/divorce lawyers to lock up the finances. Last summer while we were on vacation, she made her move, bought a secret house, moved out and filed for divorce. I was served the papers while I was mowing our front yard. She wanted to keep all the money for herself and did not agree with Texas law. I was caught flat-footed and she had a big head start ..." — E.W.

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"Mr. Moore has always been extremely professional throughout the entirety of my case. He was exemplary in ascertaining the critical information necessary for my case to proceed and also in the follow-up needed to gain that information.

Mr. Moore was faced with having to work with two states and a U.S. territory on a very difficult case involving debatable rulings and dated book-keeping, thus making the true amounts of child support owed very questionable at best.

Some overseas OAG employees were challenging and evasive as he tried diligently to gain their cooperation. Many times, the government employees overseas caused further unnecessary delays and greater confusion to an already complicated case.

Mr. Moore was finally able to secure all the required information and proceed to a court hearing on the matter, where a judge made a ruling. There is light at the end of this 20-year tunnel.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mr. William Tyler Moore as a trusted and dependable attorney to solve your challenges as he did mine."— T.T.

"Grimm Collections utilized Mr. W. Tyler Moore for a very complicated matter of litigation regarding nonpayment of freight invoices to one of our clients local to the Houston area. I've worked with many attorneys throughout the United States on many litigation matters and the biggest deficiencies are lack of industry knowledge and poor communication/follow-up ..." — D.W.

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"Tyler handled my divorce case three years ago, and I could not be happier with the outcome. At the start, my situation looked very bleak: I was served with my wife's divorce lawsuit on the day she left the state with my child, and she had hired an attorney who was probably the most expensive in the state. I quickly needed an experienced attorney and hired Tyler. By the end of the case, I had custody of my child, all of the provisions that were important to me and a reasonable division of property. Tyler is compassionate yet tough, and I felt his advice was very sound. He was particularly adept at spotting elements of my case that were important to the court, but that I didn't think were remarkable and also at steering me away from pursuing things that seemed important during the battle, but would later prove unimportant. He is very responsive, usually returning calls or emails the same day. Although I hope to never need a family law attorney again, I would not hesitate to hire Tyler if the need arose. I recommend him without reservation."— Client

"I have professionally and personally known Mr. W. Tyler Moore Jr. literally for decades and have been proud to have him represent me. His forte has always been litigation. I was recently involved in a complicated case in an attempt to collect a substantial amount of money owed to me. I have always appreciated the advice that an attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client. So, my first call was to Mr. Moore ..." — S.B.

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"I left Mr. Moore a message on my situation and he called me back within minutes. He assured me that he could help. Bottom line, that's exactly what he did from the beginning to the end. I was fighting for custody of my son. He answered all my questions and gave me an idea of what would take place, a sort of outline, if you will. I needed specific things done in a complex situation. He was a true professional and always there to help in any way he could. He worked with me until the goal was accomplished. Patient and informative always. Today, I have full custody of my son and we couldn't be happier. We have peace and we owe it all to Mr. Moore."— D.R.

"I wanted to share my thoughts about my experience with Tyler Moore as the attorney who represented me in my divorce proceedings. When I was faced with dealing with such a stressful and emotional situation as divorce, it was of utmost importance to find someone I could completely count on. It was such a comfort to know that I was represented by an attorney who had incredible knowledge of family law. He has a vast array of experiences in the legal field that have granted him invaluable insight. In addition to his wisdom, Mr. Moore truly cared about my case. He went above and beyond to obtain the best outcome for me and my son. My case had more than the average number of issues, including the safety of my 6-month-old son. I am so thankful that I found such a talented, knowledgeable and caring person to help me with such a deeply personal and trying challenge as divorce. The final outcome was very successful and most of all, my son was safe."— N.C.

"I have known Tyler Moore for over 40 years; a finer person you will not meet. Recently, I needed help collecting a debt from a former partner of mine. Tyler took the case on and worked it hard until we finally reached a settlement. Tyler followed through with tenacity and we collected every penny of the agreed-upon settlement. For a good, honest straight-shooting lawyer, I highly recommend Tyler Moore."— C.C.

"Mr. William Tyler Moore and Mrs. Melinda Gover are much more than just clear and concise professionals. They are a team that litigated on behalf of my family with due diligence and supreme sincerity. Their representation was invaluable in the outcome of securing what was factually within my child's best interest. Mr. Moore and his team were vital and in my continuing opinion have directly attributed to my child's proper care and development. In the most difficult of times, my family needed a team that was there to assist us with experience, expertise, shear integrity and unflinching fortitude. That is the kind of attorney Mr. William Tyler Moore is and I strongly recommend him to all those who are in need of not just a family law attorney, but are in need of the very best of all family law attorneys."— B.R.C.

"We had a unique child custody case. I had tried talking to multiple attorneys before contacting Mr. Moore and they were all negative about us winning this particular case. Upon talking to Mr. Moore, we were given positive feedback and hope. He worked very hard on our case and was always there to answer any questions that we had promptly. In court, he was very confident and made us very glad that we had him on our side no matter the outcome. We would recommend Mr. Moore to anyone who needs an attorney and would use him again in a heartbeat if necessary!"— L.M.