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When A Commercial Issue Leads To Litigation, Who Do You Call?

Due to the complexities of the litigation process and its length, it is nearly impossible to solve the case successfully without adequate legal representation. W. Tyler Moore is a trusted business litigation attorney in Houston and its surrounding areas. He is an attorney with the experience required to represent you in front of the court, judge, and jury. His mission is to ensure you get adequate representation during negotiations while complying with all required paperwork. If you need an experienced attorney by your side during a litigation process, W. Tyler Moore is here for you. He focuses on providing the highest standard of legal representation possible so that you can protect your assets.

Attorney Moore Can Provide You With Full Litigation Support In Areas Such As

  • Real estate: Whether it’s over contract issues, title disputes or construction defects, you’ll need a contract disputes lawyer who can best represent your interests in court.
  • Labor law: Workers’ legal concerns such as wrongful termination, wage disputes, workplace safety violations and even contract disputes – a legal professional would be an invaluable ally for such complex cases where workers sue their employer.
  • Commercial law: Business torts, intellectual property disputes, accusations of anti-competition and more. A commercial litigator like attorney Moore can advise you on your sensitive commercial law cases.
  • Business-related disputes: No matter the legal concern – commercial real estate disputes, regulatory compliance or shareholder disagreements – let attorney Moore represent your side of the case and provide counsel backed by years of experience.

More than representing you inside the court, Moore is a lawyer who can also provide you with assistance in any out-of-court negotiation.

A Texas Business Litigation Attorney That Maintains Communication

When you need business litigation representation, lawyer Moore will maintain an open line of communication with you. In every case, he continually evaluates the most effective means to resolve legal matters. At times, litigation may seem the only solution. However, Moore also advises and represents his clients in other forms.

Assistance With Alternative Dispute Resolution

If all parties in a case decide to settle through alternative means, Moore can also help guide you through the process and represent you. The alternative dispute resolution options Moore can assist you with include:

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Negotiation

Moore can also help you decide whether a settlement or a trial would be a better option for your case.

Approach Any Business Litigation Prepared And With Legal Guidance

Handling legal cases is stressful and, more often than not, difficult. However, with a litigation lawyer, the process can be a lot smoother. Attorney Moore has experience and knowledge in the business litigation process. He works diligently to achieve favorable outcomes. His years of experience in the field have allowed him to take on even complex cases.

To learn how he can help you with your business legal needs, contact W. Tyler Moore, PC, today at 866-957-0790 or send an email.