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How can you prevent divorce from ruining your role as a father?

Continuing in your role as a father when you are going through a divorce from your spouse in Texas can be troubling during the first little while. Especially if your children are struggling to understand what has happened to the relationship between their parents and have shown feelings of resentment or anger towards you. Fortunately, despite the difficulties you are currently facing, you have the power to continue to be a good father as you work through the new challenges in your life. 

As soon as you recognize that your marriage is drawing to a close, be forthright with your children in letting them know that this familial change will not affect your love for them or your commitment to their wellbeing. Discuss your concerns openly, being careful not to bash your ex in front of your children. Take adequate time to listen to your children and help them work through their emotions as they come to terms with what has happened. 

What happens when one parent lies during custody proceedings?

Texas child custody proceedings are some of the most hotly contested and emotionally trying aspects of divorce. As a result, it is not too surprising when one parent fails to play by the rules and fudges the truth a bit. A parent may do this to gain more custody or maintain the custodial rights he or she already possesses. Though untruths may come from a place of love and caring for the child, lying under oath is illegal and can result in disastrous consequences for the dishonest parent. If you are in the midst of a child custody battle, and if your child's other parent has lied during the proceedings, FindLaw urges you to bring the untruths to light before the judge finalizes custody documents.

If you fail to bring the untruths to light before the judge finalizes your documents, you still have an opportunity to right the wrong done to you. Texas courts allow parents to petition for a modification if one or both can prove a significant change in circumstances. The courts consider falsifying testimony or documents as such a change.

How can I create a parenting schedule?

Co-parenting in Texas is no easy feat for divorced couples. While you naturally want what’s best for your kids, you and your ex may be at odds when it comes to things like scheduling or making decisions about healthcare and academics. To help your co-parenting efforts and reduce stress between you and your former spouse, Very Well Family offers the following insight.

Expect to make sacrifices

How can I deal with the holidays as a single father?

The holidays can be tough for single fathers in Houston. While it’s supposed to be a time of joy and celebration, you may find yourself feeling lonely and out of sorts. These feelings are perfectly valid, and many single fathers experience them this time of year. Live About offers the following tips in this case, which can help you cope with some of the negative aspects of the holiday season.

Practice self-care

How counseling can help you through divorce

When people announce they are getting a divorce, the most common response from others is something along the lines of "I hope you have a good attorney." While having an excellent family law attorney is very important as you move through your divorce, there is another type of professional support that can also make your experience less traumatic.

Many people do not consider working with a counselor during a divorce, for a variety of reasons. They may feel there is a stigma surrounding counseling and that they do not want people to see them as weak or unable to handle their situation. The truth, however, is that counseling can be a valuable asset in helping you achieve your goals in divorce.

What if your ex-spouse wants to move away?

Maintaining a constant presence in your kids' lives becomes more difficult when you and your spouse choose to divorce. The increased space placed between you and them makes being their whenever they need parental guidance almost impossible (even in situations where you and your ex-spouse are joint managing conservators). The thought of your ex-spouse leaving Houston altogether may seem downright terrifying. This may prompt you to wonder what recourse you may have should your ex-spouse choose to relocate with the kids. 

Family courts in Texas strive to issue rulings that place the best interest of the children involved above all else. It has been formally recognized that the state realizes having equal access to both you and your ex-spouse is important to your kids. At the same time, the court also wants to ensure that you kids enjoy the normalcy that comes from staying in the same school in the same community with the same friends. 

New study confirms shared physical custody is best

You may be steeling yourself as you prepare for custody negotiations in Texas, sure that, because you are a father, you will come out of the discussion with much less time with your child than you want. At W. Tyler Moore, PC, we encourage fathers to stand up for their rights to a fair co-parenting schedule; we understand that a healthy father/child relationship is in the best interests of the child, a fact that judges typically respect.

The best interests of the child is a standard that judges use, and it incorporates a number of factors. Emotional needs are among these, and according to Science Daily, the co-parenting schedule can have a direct effect on your child's stress levels and emotional health. 

Will I lose my business in my divorce?

If you are going through a divorce and you own a business, you may fear that in the end, you will not only lose your marriage but also your business. While this very well could happen, it is important that you protect yourself before you ever get to this point. According to NFIB, the ideal situation is that you protect your business through a prenuptial agreement. However, if you are already at the stage of divorce, then it is too late for that.

It really is important, though, to think ahead when it comes to your business. When you start your business, choose a protective form, such as a partnership or LLC. Having this protection enables you to create agreements or other documents that protect the business in the event that you get a divorce. Having partners allows you to create a partnership agreement that can specifically outline what would happen if a partner gets divorced.

2 people injured in apparent dispute over child custody

When two parents are divorcing each other in Texas, often one of the most difficult challenges they will face is deciding on a shared custody agreement that will best benefit them and their children. In many situations, parents are unable to make these decisions amicably and courts have to get involved to expedite the decision-making process. While many cases eventually reach a solution that benefits all parties, there are unfortunate incidents when certain people go to extreme measures to get what they want, but it is often at the expense of the wellbeing of themselves or their children and other family members. 

An example is a recent story out of Athens, Tennessee when a presumed custody dispute turned violent. Initial investigations revealed a woman arrived at the home of her in-laws to pick up the children she shared with her estranged husband. When he informed her that he would not allow her to take their children with her, she became angry and hit her mother-in-law with her vehicle. When she exited the vehicle and began approaching her husband, he shot her in the leg. 

3 tips for surviving the emotional turmoil of divorce

While divorce may be a legal process, it is often highly emotional. Leaving your spouse, dividing your assets and determining custody can be stressful and frustrating. Coping with the end of your marriage may be one of the hardest things you do in your life. 

Losing your marriage can feel like you are experiencing a sort of death. While you may go through a painful grieving process, surviving the emotional storm is possible. 

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