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How to break the divorce news to your kids

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2024 | Divorce

Accepting that your marriage is no longer working and taking the step to dissolve it can be challenging. And this can even be more complicated if you have children. How will you break the news to them?

Below are three tips that can guide you:

Consider their age

Age is a crucial factor to consider when discussing divorce with kids due to the difference in cognitive abilities. How a 5-year-old understands and perceives divorce news may differ from a 14-year-old. Thus, your child’s age can help you determine what to discuss and the reactions to expect. If you have children in different age groups, you may need to hold multiple talks.

Decide what to say

You and your spouse should plan what to say. Speaking from the heart may not be a wise decision. You may have an emotional outburst and say things that can overwhelm your children. Therefore, before sitting down with them, know what you will say and how you will deliver it.

Choose the right time and location

Time and location are other vital aspects to keep in mind when informing your kids their parents are getting a divorce. Consider initiating the discussion on a Saturday morning after breakfast because they won’t be in a hurry to go to school, bed or find food. In turn, you will have enough time to talk with them, answer their questions and pay attention to their behavior.

When it comes to location, it can be beneficial to hold the conversation at home, as this is where they are likely to feel safe and comfortable expressing themselves.

Discussing divorce with children can be among the most difficult conversations a parent can ever have. But practical tips can help you have a smooth discussion. You should also get legal help to protect your kids’ interests.