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When should you tell your spouse you want a divorce?

On Behalf of | May 29, 2024 | Divorce

While you may have thought you and your spouse would be together forever, different factors may have contributed to you opting for a divorce. Regardless of your experience in your marriage, choosing to dissolve it can be challenging.

But when should you inform your spouse about your decision? Here is what to consider:

Are you certain?

Only tell your spouse you want a divorce when you are certain you want one. You should have done everything to make the marriage work, including you and your spouse going to marriage counseling, talking to friends and so on. Essentially, you need adequate information that the marriage can no longer work.

Telling your spouse you want to dissolve the marriage and then realizing you can save it can negatively impact your relationship going forward. Besides, when you do everything possible to make the marriage work, you may be less likely to experience regret or guilt after divorce.

Not in the middle of a fight

Threatening divorce can harm your marriage. Thus, avoid threatening to leave in the middle of an argument. If you are sure you want a divorce, talk to your spouse when you are both relaxed and ready for a serious conversation.

Don’t hold off too long

While it’s vital to take time to be certain you want a divorce, don’t take too long. Waiting months or years before telling your spouse how you feel can lead to more conflicts and misunderstandings that can affect your relationship substantially.

Further, even when you are not yet sure about the divorce route, let your spouse know about your unhappiness earlier. This way, they can be open to employing different solutions to save the marriage. And if it doesn’t work, they won’t feel blindsided by your divorce news.

Be careful about when you initiate a divorce conversation with your spouse. Obtain more information to avoid costly mistakes.